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how many breaths does the average human take in a day how many catherines did king henry viii marry how many children does the average american have
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how many valves does a trumpet have how much can an ant lift how much does the human brain weigh
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ice hockey in in 1997 zaire was renamed the democratic republic of what
in book publishing what does pod mean in computer science what does gui stand for in harry potter severus snape and draco malfoy were members of which house at hogwarts
in reserve in tennis, the first to score after deuce is said in tennis, the first to score after deuce is said to have what
in the film star wars what was the name of the ancient spaceship captained by han solo in the film star wars what was the name of the ancient spaceship captained by han solo in the lion king, what was simba fathers name
in what 1995 movie bruce willis played a convict turned time traveler in what disease oncology focus in what month is the earth closest to the sun
in what mountain range is mount everest located in what state was barack obama born in in what year did christopher columbus discover the new world
in what year did india gain its independence from britain in what year did tiger woods begin his professional golf career in what year did world war ii end
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the first world cup for football the olfactory nerves affect what sense in the brain the outermost layer of the earth is called the what
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what are dried plums called what are the 6 most used letters in the english alphabet what are the list of the iphones
what are the longest animals in the world what artist painted the last supper what author finished writing paradise lost in 1967
what automaker produces the rav4 what automaker produces the yaris what beer is marketed as the king of beers
what blood type is needed to be a universal donor what breed of dog is most popular in the united states what breed of dog is snoopy from the peanuts
what city hosted the 2012 summer olympics what city is second largest in australia what city was buried by mount vesuvius
what college is ranked number one in the us what color were the slippers in the original wizard of oz what company introduced the odyssey minivan in 1995
what country gave the united states the statue of liberty as a gift in 1886 what country was host to the 1930 inaugural fifa football world cup what country was known as rhodesia from 1964 to 1980
what did anne frank leave behind what does mario jump on when he completes a level what does nato stand for
what does nba stand for what does pta stand for what does the n stand for in nato
what does tnt stand for what famous us festival hosted over 350,000 fans in 1969 what famous us speech ends with that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth
what group of animals is called a flink what holiday in france is on july 14th and is named for a fortress what hospital does the show greys anatomy
what is a baby seal called what is a female kangaroo calle what is a female kangaroo called
what is a group of jelly fish called what is an infant whale called what is bubble gum made of
what is ceres what is exodus what is exosphere
what is fergie real name what is frosty the snowman nose made of what is mesosphere
what is michael j fox middle name what is nato what is nba
what is slime what is stieg larsson first book in his millennium trilogy what is stratosphere
what is sushi traditionally wrapped in what is the 21st prime number what is the biggest size bed called
what is the black forest what is the capital city of the us state of hawaii what is the capital of quebec canada
what is the chemical formula for ozone what is the currency of japan what is the degree of a triangle
what is the fastest land snake in the world what is the first organisms to grow back after fire what is the french name for santa claus
what is the highest level of the atmosphere what is the highest score possible in 10 pin bowling what is the largest animal on earth
what is the largest city to connect two continents what is the largest internal organ of the human body what is the largest lake in africa
what is the largest three digit prime number what is the longest river in south america what is the main ingredient of a mince pie
what is the maximum weight for a golf ball what is the medical term for bad breath what is the medical term for low blood sugar
what is the most popular spice in the world what is the name for the greek goddess of victory what is the name of the capital of new zealand
what is the name of the dog from wizard of oz what is the name of the first pizzeria open in the united states what is the name of the psychological test of human emotions and personality using inkblots
what is the name of the the fear of being in a commitment or getting married what is the names of dalmatian dog what is the official language in the bahamas
what is the oldest city in the united states what is the only bird that can fly backwards what is the regulation height for a basketball hoop
what is the smallest state in the us what is the tallest tree in the world what is troposphere
what is whoopie goldberg real name what kind of font characters decorated with small lines or feet what kind of gas was used in the trenches during world war i
what male tennis player has won the most grand slam titles what measured by the richter scale what million square mile national park is known for having alligators
what mountains on india northern border are nicknamed snow abode what movie did elvis presley first appear in what musician won the nobel prize for literature in 2016
what nation produces two thirds of the world vanilla what nationally observed day in the us marks winter midpoint what newspaper clark kent work for in the superman movies
what nut is traditionally on the waldorf salad what percentage of a pandas diet is bamboo what percentage of mass does our sun take up in our solar system
what planet in our solar system has the longest day what planet in our solar system has the most gravity what planet is second from the sun
what plant eases the pain from a sunburn what scholarship has been sending american kids to oxford university since 1904 what school does harry potter attend
what separates saudi arabia from africa what show on mtv xzibit had what soft drink compete with dr pepper
what sport can improve your posture what type of gas is released by car exhausts what us state is known as the land of enchantment
what us territory has the slogan where americans day begins what was elvis presley first hit in 1956 what was jimi hendrix real name
what was kelly clarkson debut song what was kramer first name on seinfeld show what was kramer first name on the show seinfeld
what was marilyn monroe name at birth what was mickey mouse original name what was nicole polizzi nickname on jersey shore
what was the first capital city of the united states what was the first commercial product to have a bar code what was the first electronic computer called
what was the first planet to be discovered using the telescope what was the first series on disney channel what was the highest number of games played in a world series
what was the highest selling album of the 1980 what was the highest selling album of the 1980s what was the name of the monkey in the disney movie aladdin
what water animal produces 650 volts of electricity whats the worlds largest ocean when did the cold war officially end
where did the sport of curling originate where in the united states we can find alligators and crocodile in the wild where was the first drive in movie theater
which actress played katniss everdeen in the hunger games which band released the song hey there delilah which bird is often associated with delivering babies
which breed of dog is known as a firehouse dog which city is traditionally said to be built on seven hills which companies was the first to use santa clause in an advertisement
which country became the first to give women the right to vote which country has the most volcanoes which country once knighted a penguin
which element lead to the expression mad as a hatter which european country was the first to allow women to vote which famous american musician was shot by his father on april 1 1984
which horror movie character is a serial killer possessing a doll which is angelina jolie first and least discussed film which is the hottest planet in the solar system
which is the only us state to produce coffee beans which king on normal playing cards does not have a mustache which lake is the worlds largest lake
which president is on the united states 1000 dollar bill which prince songs reached highest on the music charts which r and b artists did the title track for the movie ghostbusters
which two elements on the periodic table are liquids at room temperature which us state is closest to africa who does the voice over for dory from finding nemo and finding dory
who founded the game of basketball who is the fifth beatle who is the only us president to serve more than two terms
who made their solo flight across the atlantic who painted the ceiling of the sistine chapel who played dracula in the 1931 vampire film dracula
who played nuke laloosh in bull durham who played the lead in the last boy scout who plays fat amy in the movie pitch perfect
who sing all shook up billboard hot 100 in 1957 who was the first man to set foot on the moon who was the first president of the united states to live in the white house
who was the first us president to declare war who was the lead singer of the band queen who was the male that lead blockbuster independence day
who was the original drummer for nirvana who was the second president of the united states who was the shortest player ever to play in the nba
who won american idol season one who wrote how the grinch stole christmas who wrote the novel moby dick
who wrote the novel to kill a mockingbird whose ear did mike tyson bite off in 1997 wind direction
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